Sun & Moon Beings

I have been contemplating the shape of civilizations at different points in time in the 5,000 years since humans, spontaneously (everywhere, all at once) and voluntarily, began to organized themselves into civilizations.

The oldest civilization we know to arise is Sumer, but there is intriguing clues around the world that humans were moving in this direction for a long time such as Göbekli Tepe, which was discovered in the mid-1990s in Turkey. This is an ancient temple predating the emergence of Summer by 7,000 years.

Göbekli Tepe built 6000 years before Stonehenge | Image from Green Prophet
Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological wonder,” says Prof. Gopher. “Built by Neolithic communities 11,500 to 11,000 years ago, it features enormous, round stone structures and monumental stone pillars up to 5.5 meters high. Since there is no evidence of farming or animal domestication at the time, the site is believed to have been built by hunter-gatherers. However, its architectural complexity is highly unusual for them.”
Discovered by German archaeologist Dr. Klaus Schmidt in 1994, Göbekli Tepe has since been the subject of hot archaeological debate. But while these, and other early Neolithic remains, have been intensively studied, the issue of architectural planning during these periods and its cultural ramifications have not. -- Posted on May 20, 2020 by Karin Kloosterman in Archeology

How civilizations self-organize and hold themselves together has become an obsession with me as I finish the first book in my series called Sapience. Right now I am putting the final touches on a section where a Grandmother is telling her Granddaughter how the world ended up they way it does in my not so distant future on Earth–a planet forever changed by man’s inability to course correct and change direction. A collective choice that will led humanity and all life on Earth over the Climate Cliff!

As I searched for the model of mind that held the shape of Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Chinese civilizations, I stumbled upon this documentary that absolutely fascinated me. It enchanted me mostly because ever since I started keeping journals for the story I am writing, I have been drawing the shapes depicted in Drunvalo’s documentary of the Flower of Life. I had no idea what I was drawing, but I knew it was important for the story and just keep drawing the shapes that were shaping my story.

Drunvalo Melchizedek Flower Of Life Full Documentary Sacred Geometry Meaning

Do Your OWN Thinking

…And Stay Opened Minded as You Do YOUR OWN Research on Nifty Ideas that Captivate Your Attention! Flexibility of Mind is especially important when you are attracted to highly seductive, fascinating, enchanting, alluring, and interesting ideas! Throughout human history of having a mind to think up ideas, these sort of ideas have always been the Most Dangerous kind of Ideas!!!

I have never taken anyone or anything presented to me at face value. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt when I first met them and trust what they are telling me, but when I find out they are using their words to manipulate, deceive, or control me–WATCH OUT!

And, I will find out because I tend to feel deception and manipulations in others and I have always been curious about the world. When I encounter something new on my own or presented to me by someone else, I seem to have more questions and want to find out the archaeology of the idea or beliefs being presented.

Perhaps I am old fashion, but I want to learn more about a NEW Idea (especially a highly attractive one) before I incorporate them into my belief system.

So this is what I was doing about Drunvalo’s documentary about the Flower of Life when I stumbled upon Jordan Pearce who I believe created or helped to create this documentary.

Sun and Moon Beings

In looking into who Jordan Pearce is, I encountered a shock, which is the spark for this blog.

The Flower of Life documentary is full of images that also shocked me as I have been drawing many of these shapes and images in my notebook ever since I started keeping notes on my story in 2013. The first shape I started drawing is infinity.

Sapience Notebook | 2013-2014

It would evolve dramatically leading to these shapes:

The Divine Dodo Mini Series

After watching the full documentary and making my own doodling and drawings of it, I began to envision a circle with yellow, orange, and red flames on one side and blue and white and purple flames on the other side in my mind.

I was considering how to draw it when I came across one of Jordan Pearce’s blogs and there in his blog was the image I was seeing in my mind!

Image from: Empaths vs. HSP (The Dynamics of Vibrational War)

Recognizing this was the image I was seeing in my head, I drew by my own hand adding some elements that made it feel more as I saw it in my head. I had not seen the faces in my image, nor did I connect it with the sun and moon, but I felt this was right. This was what my knowing was trying to tell me.

My drawing of the drawing above

And so this is what gave me the idea for the feature animated archetypal animation for this blog, which I have titled: Sun & Moon Beings. And they are living beings. This is energy that courses through every living being on earth. It is part of the Life Force that human beings began to become conscious of and represent through art, architecture, and language for thousands of years.

It is this energy that creates the foundation of every civilization that has existed or will exist on Earth. It is how we interpret this energy that will determine our fate as a species on Earth. It is the energetic form of Yin and Yang experienced by every living being on Earth that has ever lived on Earth as night and day.

Cloak of Doubt

Given the synchronicity of this image, I knew Jordan Pearce’s blog was important for something I needed to understand or pay attention to. It felt linked to the time when I pulled the Cloak of Doubt over my head and plunged into an inner abyss from which I almost did not come back.

Cloak of Doubt | Letting Others Trick You into Not Believing in Yourself

I talked about the perils of the Cloak of Doubt in my previous blog where I pick apart the rantings of a person I had counted on as a friend during this time. I admired his way of thinking and ability to string words together to create compelling and alluring ideas… but I would come to realize how hollow, empty, and full of hubris his words were during my time of deafening sorrow, despair, and deep grief.

I would come to understand that he and all the FAKE people I had met on FAKEBOOK at a time of in my life when everything was not going my way; a time when my husband would lose his job, I would lose two jobs back to back, I would come to understand the brutality reality of my mother-in-law’s narcissism and brother-in-law’s psychopathy (terrible human mental afflictions that have plagued humanity ever since humans could think and these afflictions were ripping my family apart during this horrible time), and I would lose my father, which sent me into the abyss.

Functional Hierarchies

Nearly, five years this personal disaster and mass abandonment of FAKE friends on Facebook and in real life, I have slowly been reckoning with this time in my life. Part of this reckoning is to make an accounting of the people in my life then who made me doubt myself as I spiraled into probably the darkest time of my life.

As I emerge on the other side of this dark period, I can see how I let these people dupe me and allowed them to let me doubt myself. I can see how I did this by admiring them but not doing my due diligence to dig deeper into the hollow ideas they were touting. They were shiny, happy ideas that I guess I needed at that time because I thought they might keep me afloat as everything around me disintegrated and turned into the Sea of Sorrow where I was cast adrift on a rickety raft.

I was drawing this sea like crazy at this time and sharing them in post such as this one:

These “friends” would nod their heads like bobble dolls, but they really didn’t care. And the further I spun into despair, the more distant and inhuman they grew. This is because, I realize now, I was just easy food for them.

I was a vulnerable person attracted to their ideas or art or weird philosophies and I did not have the inner power to doubt them, instead I doubted myself… and way too many of them liked this! In fact, they actively encouraged me to doubt myself because it keep me as a captive audience and loyal follower.

I cut them off as I spun deeper into despair. Something inside me kicked into survival mode. And dad’s death dramatically showed me how FAKE and inhospitable these people really were. It was very painful, but I let them go and now I realize they were channelling dangerous and dying ideas full of hubris and arrogance that only an ignorant human being can achieve.

They are ignorant because they cling to ideas they have spent way too much time thinking about. They are attached to these ideas as if they were part of their body, perhaps replacing their heart. They are so attached to their ideas they cannot let go of them no matter how catastrophic the final destination of these ideas might turn out to be.

Mansplaining Functional Hierarchies


Strangely, as the publication date of this blog dawns near, the world is completely absorbed in the hunt for 5 explores onboard the Titan–a tiny, experimental submarine that was heading down to see the Titanic.

We all found out yesterday that the 5 did not survive. The experimental sub touted to be a game changer in deep sea exploration imploded during its descent to the Titanic.

These are just a few of the pictures flooding news outlets around the world ever since the Titian went missing on Sunday in its dive to see the Titanic. Our collective imagination is captivated because this tragedy eerily parallels the very same disaster that led to sinking of the unsinkable Titanic on April 14, 1912.

Odd fact: The Wife of the Missing Sub’s Pilot Is Related to a Couple Who Died on the ‘Titanic’

This just in, July 5, 2023:

LEAKED Titan Sub Transcript Shows Crew In Battle For Lives | Jeff Ostroff reviews the leaked Titan Sub Transcript which the internet is debating the authenticity of, to see if this scenario is real, and whether the crew spent 20 minutes fighting for their lives with OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush at the helm, only to have the OceanGate Titan submarine implode before it could resurface.
Crushed, Burned or Toothpaste? Surgeon Explains What Happened To Crew OceanGate TITAN Sub Implosion | Dr. Chris Raynor | Not Your Everyday Ortho | In this explainer video, orthopedic surgeon reacts to the Titan submarine disaster and theorizes about what happens to the people onboard when their submersible catastrophically imploded. #titan #submersible #implosion

James Cameron Reflections the Titanic & the Titan

I feel “Titanic” director James Cameron summarizes what we have learned about the fate of the 5 explores on the Titan brilliantly in an interview with Anderson Cooper yesterday when the world found out the tiny sub imploded 1 hour and 45 minutes into its descent sending parts of it debris field resting 1600 feet from Titanic’s famous bow.

Cameron said:

“I think there’s a great, almost surreal irony here, which is Titanic sank because the captain took it full steam into an ice field at night, on a moonless night with very poor visibility after he had been repeatedly warned,” Cameron told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday.

He added that while he thinks it’s important to remember that history, “here’s a case starkly, today, where the collective, we didn’t remember the lesson of Titanic — these guys at OceanGate didn’t.”

“I just think it’s heartbreaking that it was so preventable.” 

“Titanic” director James Cameron sees similarities with submersible tragedy and famous shipwreck

James Cameron made his own submarine to complete a record-breaking solo dive to 35,787 feet to the deepest point on Earth. His 12-ton vessel is known as the Deepsea Challenger, so he knows a thing or two about submersibles and how to survive the inhospitable, alien space of the deep, deep, black sea.

Natural History Museum

He told Anderson the composite material used to build Titan was simply the wrong material to use for deep sea diving vessels, everyone knew it and the deep sea diving community was really concerned about the decision to use it to make Titan. However, the idea was highly attractive and it worked for a while, but if you have to build in sensors to tell you that your hull is beginning to crack, well, that is problem because you can’t really do anything about it when you are almost 2 miles below the sea.

Cameroon said that Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, was brilliant, brave, and a true explorer, but he got caught by the same hubris that sunk the Titanic down 111 years ago.

Cameroon says using the carbon fiber cylindrical hull was fundamentally wrong. In another interview reported on by NPR, Cameroon says:

"I think it was unconscionable that this group did not go through that rigorous process," he told CNN.
He told the BBC he believed they hadn't done so because "they knew they wouldn't pass."
OceanGate said in a 2019 blog post that the certification process only assessed the vessels themselves — not operational safety, which it took seriously. It also said regulation was preventing innovation, echoing comments Rush told Smithsonian Magazine that same year.
Cameron said he personally never believed in the sort of carbon fiber cylindrical hull that the company used, telling Reuters it was a "horrible idea" that "just sounded bad on its face." 
Pressure hulls should be made out of contiguous material like steel, titanium, ceramic or acrylic, he explained, in order to do modeling and finite element analysis to "understand the number of cycles that it can take." That's not the case with a composite material, like carbon fiber, made of two different materials blended together.
"And so we all knew that the danger was delamination and progressive failure over time with microscopic water ingress and ... what they call cycling fatigue," he added. "And we knew if the sub passed its pressure test it wasn't gonna fail on its first dive ... but it's going to fail over time, which is insidious. You don't get that with steel or titanium."

-- NPR Interview

This trait for pomposity is an innate quality of being a conscious living being. One could say it is the price of being conscious.

If a person chooses not to be self-aware, he or she cuts off an important inner guidance system. If a person does not recognize and counteract their personal form of pomposity with modesty and humility, they will veer off course heading for the deepest, darkest, most dangerous inner waters, which they happily ignore in empty proclamations of how great they are or how bold and innovative their flimsy IDEAS are.

This tendency to believe oneself to be the best, most important person in the world will balloon inside the fragile ego expressing itself in endless iterations of self-importance, magniloquence, grandiosity, vanity, self-conceit, and dare I say Narcissism. If you allow these ideas free range, they will replicate inside your mind, making you more and more lopsided, more insane, more dangerous and more destructive every day. If you leave your lopsided ideas unopposed, and only YOU can oppose them and course correct, your BAD ideas will turn you into a machine, this is the best case scenario! Most people keep sinking and descend to the depths of MONSTER, this is basically a Self-Implosion Model of being a conscious living being in the world.

Pomposity, vanity, narcissism are very contagious mental viruses–let’s call them the Hubris Viruses. They and other variants infect virtually the entire Modern World… this being the Modern Mindset based purely on thinking. Most people have no idea they are infected and go about their daily lives feeding their increasingly lopsided ideas that grow more and more extreme and polarized and infecting others with their BAD IDEAS.

This is what my FAKE friend did to me as I entered a very dangerous time of personal crisis. And this is what men like Putin are doing to the entire world. Putin used his Hubris Virus to manipulate and gain the reigns of power in Russia. Now, this shitty, insane man and his shitty, insane supporters are putting the entire world in danger due to his brutal invasion of Ukraine that enters its month 17… and if WE (THE FREE WORLD) don’t STOP his Shitty Version of Russia form fulfilling at its predetermined destination, which is HELL, TOGETHER… it is going to get worse and worse and worse.

Putin and his insanity ducks will never STOP. They will deploy nuclear weapons or conduct nuclear sabotage at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

From February 2023 Blog Marking One Year Since Crazy Russian Czar Putin Invaded Ukraine

No one will be safe!

Alan Watts On Inner Voyages

Dangerous hubris and intellectual arrogance will kill our world, if not by nuclear war, then by climate disasters, other wars, or the AI apocalypse.

This is a time when humanity not only needs bold and courageous explorers of the physical world, but we also need them for the invisible world too. This is the world inside each and every human being’s mind.

Alan Watts talks beautifully about why we need to pay attention to our inner spaces NOW more than ever before in this video. He says near the end of this lecture that Inner Dives can be just as dangerous as making a deep sea decent or taking an excursion outside the protective atmosphere of Earth,

Alan Watts: Drugs: Turning the Head or Turning On – Being in the Way Ep. 7 – Hosted by Mark Watts
Can you get mysticism in a bottle? Alan Watts explores the drug question, in this psychedelically infused episode of Being in the Way. This series is brought to you by the Alan Watts Organization and Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation. Visit for full talks from Alan Watts. Mysticism in a Bottle // The Smell of Burnt Almonds (0:00) Psychedelics, Mystical Experiences, & Western Culture (28:18) Psychedelics as Instruments // Set & Setting (45:35) Morality & Legislation // Policing, Preaching, & Hypocrisy (49:25) “Lo and behold, I had what I simply could not deny being an experience of cosmic consciousness, the sense of complete fundamental total unity forever-and-ever with the whole universe. And not only that, but that what this thing was fundamentally—despite every thing and every kind of appearance in ordinary life to the contrary—that the energy behind the world was ecstatic bliss and love.” – Alan Watts

Highly Sensitive People, Empathy, and Arrogance

But I digress! Let’s get back to Jordan Pearce and why I found his blog so helpful.

It is probably not so much that I was dealing with HSP or transcended individuals during my dangerous descent into myself, but I was dealing with individuals who were weaving highly attractive webs made out of hollow and dying ideas because they were too caught up in their own hubris.

When a person becomes so attached to their own ideas, they become blind to the needs of others and fail to see the humanity in the people who they preach to night and day. It turns out such people need us (the vulnerable ones going through a hard time) than we need them. That is because they have hollowed themselves out inside and must consume other people’s time and attention to feel alive. This is a dangerous type of human being because they can disguise themselves in all sorts of attractive personas.

This is what I fell into… cockeyed people touting crooked and corrupted ideas. But they would never admit it. Rather, they would blame others for their errors in thought… thinking was becoming increasingly insane and inhumane.

“If an empath allows the HSP’s fear of lower vibrations to be internalized within, we agree to the HSP’s story (lower vibrations = I’m unsafe). This is a profoundly damaging belief for an empath to have, as it causes deep internal conflict about the very essence of what we are. By nature, we cannot reject our emotional experience without making ourselves sick or blocking Life Force.”

After reading Jordan Pearce’s blog above, I made the following comment.

This is so helpful!! I had to look up what HSP is…"A highly sensitive person (HSP) is someone who has an increased sensitivity to stimulation and information…" I had no idea such a person existed! WOW! I have just finished watching all of Drunvalo Melchizedek Flower Of Life Full Documentary Sacred Geometry Meaning, which has you mentioned in the transcript. So I looked you up, wanting to find out just who is Jordan Pearce?
I would not have been ready to view or understand this documentary when it was first posted in 2014. At that time, I was getting lost, very lost. I was beginning a descent... a  REALLY, REALLY deep descent…one from which I almost did not return.
I took notes all the way through this documentary because I have been drawing the egg of life, the seed of life, the tree of life, the flower ever since about 2015 as my descent increased speed. I had NO IDEA what I was drawing… and no one I knew did either.
Then, in 2016, the dive began… and I REALLY started drawing this stuff… and after reading this; I think I willingly aligned myself with a lot of Righteous HSP while I am pretty I am an Empath… and when my fall came… boy did they make me feel like shit and they abandoned me to my doom. It felt horrible because while I aligned with their way of thinking, I was there friend, but when I had to access my inner warrior and get swallowed by my inner dragon… they made me doubt myself more than ever. Doubt is the Dark Force of Destruction… this I know for sure now.
I was meant to find this blog because the image you have above the the sun and moon women I was seeing in my head after finishing the documentary. I was trying to figure out how I could draw this when I looked you up and found this blog. That is what I was seeing! I never knew about you… I have never been to your site before… but I was seeing this image and I think was led here to learn something about what I passed through because I have so much anger and rage about what happened and how I was abandoned… however, I also I drew the Cloak of Doubt over my own head. I aligned myself with these people so I would stand absolutely alone when the time came… and all along I knew I needed to make this passage utterly alone and it was dangerous and some how I survived.
Thank you for your work!

What I realized in his blog, is that people are going to want to shame and blame you for things they cannot reckoned with inside themselves. You do not need to be their punching bag, victim, or target for their bad ideas.

Walk away, unless… you need to done the Cloak of Doubt to begin your deep dive. These are dangerous journeys. Not everyone makes it back… but there treasures buried deep inside every individual alive on this planet right now.

Flower of Life

Another synchronicity experienced today occurred during a trip to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. This is a place that once made weapons of mass destruction but now provides spaces for artists to create, collaborate, and sell their work.

I have never been inside the Torpedo Factory! It took our daughter visiting to get us there today. And because I watched this documentary, I recognized the Tree of Life and Flower of Life. The artist is Sermin Ciddi, a renowned Turkish artist skilled in the modern miniature painting of the highly specialized arts of the Ottoman and Turkish culture.

Artists, musicians, writers are our deep divers of Self and Other. We need the arts more than ever in our fast pace, consumer-based, status obsessed, overly achieving, overly hectic and complicated Modern World.

We need to understand symbols and symbology more than any time every before in human history because if we don’t… we are going to implode or explode from our over exuberant and arrogant ways of being in the world… ways that depend on putting other people down so you can be up (Functional Hierarchies)… ways that ignore the facts like icebergs in the sea: Never Mind That the Titanic’s Captain Shouts! Full Steam Ahead! or the will of the people: King Trump!

Note the words painted into this picture: “I want to make the sun and moon rise and set!”

So here we are full circle back to the Sun and Moon Beings!

Feature Archetypal Animation Images

Image from: RS Arts | April 24, 2019  · 

Sun and moon combo #mandala art#Moon Sun Conjunction# Moon has a friendly relationship with Sun but their energies are vastly different. One is hot and fiery while the other is calm and compassionate.#When their energies combine in trine or 10th house or in their own signs (Cancer, Leo and Aries), their effect is mostly positive#RS arts

Image from: Psychedelic Moon And Sun Tapestries With Hanging Accessories Included

Music: Space and Time (Deluxe Edition) | The Bad Dreamers | [1] Space and Time    1:53

Space and Time (Deluxe Edition) | The Bad Dreamers

[1] Space and Time    1:53