Resilience Resources

The work of other brilliant thinkers, creators, collaborators, writers, artists, web designers, and others around the world is essential to develop the intensity of consciousness needed Now. The following list is an imperfect one, a beginning really, but a start to highlight some of the many different ways of making this journey to wholeness together. A journey that must be done at two levels simultaneously—as individuals and collectively. When we begin to see and understand more about ourselves and others, we also begin to tell better stories about ourselves and others. Little by little, as our narrative change, we exert change on the dominate Western narrative most of us have gotten stuck swimming inside, but which has become too shallow to sustain us for much longer—Now, a narrative must form, and it needs each living person to balance as it forms. Stories of every kind deepen our understanding of the world around us and inside of us. They open portals to new perceptions, insights, and knowledge that can lead to transformative discoveries and change.

Each category begins with a song or two that captures some of the deeper meanings underlying the imperfect attempt to create a category. Music is one of our most ancient tools for accessing deeper layers of mind. Indeed, music probably helped primitive man survive more robustly and to consolidate the ability to think in the modern ways that we think that thinking is done Now. Music, song, and poetry are powerful tools that have been weaken in our modern system because their value has been mostly reduced to how much money they can generate, and this has allowed us to lose sight of what they really do—open portals to pathways inside of ourselves that help us find our wholeness. If you begin each list by listening to the song before looking at (and judging) the content of each list, it may help you access deeper levels of thinking, sensing, and meaning—thus, opening doorways to archetypal knowledge through rhythm, trope, metaphor, myth, and primordial images where ancient knowledge has been stored for centuries and exists in us all, we’ve just forgotten how to recognize it or how to get there. If you have suggestions to add to this imperfect list, please leave a comment and I’ll add it.


While one human being any where in the world remains oppressed, so do we all.

  • Mashrou’ LeilaRoman
  • Fairuz: A Best Song
  • Jared BallZionism and Black Radical Internationalism — he discusses psychic warfare through colonialism that absolutely needs to be dealt with in order for collective transformation to occur… all brothers and sisters of Earth must be at the table no matter the color of their skin or the colonialism that has kept them suppressed.
  • Marc Lamont HillUN Speech That Got Him Fired for speaking up for freedom and justice on both sides of a division that goes back centuries. He speaks about the need for solidarity between all oppressed people around the world from apartheid in Africa to the movement of Gandhi in India.
  • Dareen Tatour: A resident of the Galilee village of Reineh near Nazareth, she was arrested in October 2015 after publishing, among others, a poem titled “Resist, my people, resist them.”
  • Mahmoud DarwishPoetry Foundation Profile: Palestinian Mahmoud Darwish was born in al-Birwa in Galilee, a village that was occupied and later razed by the Israeli army. In the 1960s Darwish was imprisoned for reciting poetry and traveling between villages without a permit. Considered a “resistance poet,” he was placed under house arrest when his poem “Identity Card” was turned into a protest song.
  • A Bird is not a Stone: This is a unique cultural exchange, giving both English and Arabic readers a unique insight into the political, social and emotional landscape of today’s Palestine.
  • Paola & KarlaAt the Wall, U.S./Mexico Border, Texas, 2020: beautiful spoken word poetry.
  • Elizabeth S. Manley: The Paradox of Paternalism: Women and the Politics of Authoritarianism in the Dominican Republic : a powerful new book.
  • Julia AlvarezIn The Time of the Butterflies: She write in the foreword: “a few months after my family fled the dictatorship of Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, the three Mirabal sisters were brutally murdered. Founders of the underground, las Mariposas (the Butterflies, their code name) had inspired resistance cells throughout the country.”
  • IndependentEU condemns rescue boats picking up drowning refugees in Mediterranean as leaders side with populists: As of December 13, 2018, the Artemis has been forced to cease operations and there are no recuse boats helping refugees who may be drowning
  • We Are All Connected: Doaa and the Baby: This is a short piece inspired by Melissa Fleming’s TedTalk about an overloaded ship carrying more than 500 refugees, and a young woman who becomes an unlikely hero.


More than any other time in human history, we need new stories, new narratives that unite us as one human tribe to thrive.

  • SealCrazy — Music and music videos are powerful short story telling devices that can convey tons of information in short intervals of time since song and visual arts use metaphor and myth to convey meaning.
  • AsuraAltered State
  • RaTranscendent
  • Donna Alena Hrabcakova: RECENT PAINTINGS: NEW ANCIENTS : Visual artists are powerful story tellers who can convey ancient knowledge and wisdom through their work. Alena’s paintings are mythic and visionary. She sees beyond the veil of the current narrative trapping so many of us in shallow conscious waters. She has much more beautiful work to come in 2019!
  • Hannelie Sensemaker WorldPainter VenuciaJoy Generation World:  Storytellers and visionaries are essential, and through Hannelie’s work, the Joy Generation is transforming the world through JOY! The Global JOY Rendezvous brings people, places, paths, passion, purpose, potential and possibilities together. Much more coming in 2019!
  • Margaret Wheatley: She has been a consciousness and systems change worker for decades as well as a spirit warrior! In her latest book, she writes about Islands of Sanity in: Who Do We Choose to Be. I love the quote she leads with in this book: The Warriors arise when the people need protection. And, indeed the world (we), need protection right now like no other time before.
  • Pema ChodronNo Time to Lose — in her book, she gently guides the reader through an ancient text on the way of the Bohisattva, which is a path and way to inner wholeness, peace, and no suffering for self and all living beings.
  • Omileye Achikeobi-LewisBeautiful Waters — is a reflection of the water mothers, their forms, symbols, and messages; Omileye has many other books and she works with seers, shamans, medicine men and women around the world.
  • John G. NeihardtBlack Elk Speaks — is a book about the life story of a holy man of the Oglala Sioux nation whose wisdom is deep and timeless.
  • Thrive Story: This is about a big new story we create together about our connection to each other and to nature. It’s shared and created in small parts. Each story shifting our attention to the things that really matter.
  • FreakonomicsHow to Be Happy (Ep. 345) — this is a podcast and radio show that presents interesting bits of information wrapped around the orbit of economics and how this shapes our lives.
  • The Hidden BrainToo Little, Too Much — is a podcast and radio show that presents aspects of how our brains work and how this can influence our perceptions about reality. This episode is about how the super rich operate by different rules than the common man or woman.
  • Robert ReichThe Truth About Trump’s Economy — his podcast and short videos tell perceptive and funny stories that reveal layers of reality that might have been missed if one was not paying attention.
  • Mieke van der BijlWhy being smart is not enough — the social skills and structures of tackling complexity
  • D. MannVoices of Change & Citizens Documentaries — this is a collection of citizen documentaries following the tumultuous election of Donald Trump as President.
  • Unveiled Canal Mural Champions Women — this is a local New Haven painter unveiled a mural depicting 17 actual and imaginary New Haven women, all standing proud and strong and committed to a more equitable future.


Will we be undone by our clever minds? 


All of Earth’s beautiful creatures hold their breath waiting to see if we (the humans) notice the choice that we have to make…the one that will determine the fate and destiny all of life on this small blue planet in the endless void of space.


Be the creators of change so we might all ascend the final mountain of consciousness and find the wisdom and compassion to care for Earth…our home, our origins, our very soul.


Only together can we generate the gravity needed to resist destruction.

  • Lamb: Wise Enough (Official Music Video)
  • Lyla JuneTime Traveler
  • Time of the Sixth Sun: From the video: “Time of the Sixth Sun is an inspirational and uplifting documentary film about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Earth. Our ancestors understood our symbiotic relationship to nature and the elements, and foresaw the collapse of an unsustainable world.
  • Anneloes SmitsmanLove Letters from Mother Earth & the EARTHwise Center: Love Letters is a book that guides its readers into the heart of our humanity to discover the essence of who we are from a planetary perspective & EARTHwise seeks to share our Custodianship Wisdom and Lead from Love for our Collective Thrivability & Flourishing. To bring into being the new systems, born from wholeness, that celebrate our Unity in Diversity. To revitalize the Heart of our Humanity. To guide people Home.
  • Anneloes Smitsman, Alexander Laszlo & Kurt BarnesAttracting Our Future into Being–the Syntony Quest: This is an article that explores a new perception of causality and time. It is proposed that our present is not the result of our past; instead it emerges from our futures. The intention to bring into being a world and future where all of us can thrive has been shared by numerous people.
  • Michael AschenbachVision 3000: The Transformation of Humanity in the New Millenium — describes the stages of our future transformation as they affect six social functions: Human Science, Spiritual Culture, Technology, Media, Economics, and Governance. We are shown how emerging evolutions of human consciousness bring in new worldviews that completely transform each of these dimensions. This vision lays out a blueprint for individuals, organizations, and our whole planetary society to awaken and set us free.
  • Andrew MacDonaldPracticing Presence PLUSPresence is a word for the It’s a connection so it’s easier to notice it when connected with others. Andrew teaches and guides individuals in this important practice essential for groups to tune into and see the wholeness and best potentials they want to bring into the world.
  • Jan PerssonHuman Voices: Is a place for gathering and sharing visions. Vision statement: All people are involved in creating the visions for our World. Visions to build a stable and functioning world. Visions that can steer the world in the direction we choose.
  • Zhiwa WoodburyEcoPsychology NOW!: About: The Climate Crisis is a crisis of spirit first and foremost, and to resolve it (or survive it) will require a collective change of hearts and minds – one human being at a time at first, and then all at once. Ecopsychology is a Spiritual Psychology in the Service of Life. It may well represent the last, best chance for humanity to emerge spiritually from this spiritual emergency.
  • Stéphane LeblancInternational Center for Conscious Leadership: Mission: We are catalysts for the transformation of leaders and organizations and the elevation of consciousness in business around the world.
  • Dmitry SokolovLikedInMind: Believes that Knowledge resides in the people in the networks & We Connect People by Connecting Their Knowledge Global Sustainability Action Plan: This is a beginning of a global plan to save our planet, it states: Global Sustainability is understood here from the systems ecology point of view. All factors defining existence of our Civilisation must be addressed here.
  • Academy for Systems Change: This is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing the field of awareness-based systemic change in order to accelerate ecological, social, and economic well-being.
  • World Summit: This is a gathering of change makers from all over the globe to unite people, both virtually and physically, in order to bypass individual agendas as well as current social, political, and economic systems dividing us. We do this in the acknowledgement that we do not need permission to unify ourselves and discover our oneness as a great global tribe.
  • Human Library: This is a Worldwide Movement for Social Change.
  • Collaboration Incubator: This is a participatory format, where you can learn about social technologies – mainly group facilitation processes – which integrate activism and intuition.
  • Global Challenges Foundation: Its objective is to contribute to minimising, preferably eliminating, the major global threats to humanity.
  • Global Summit of Conscious Leadership: This is a new leadership paradigm that balances the common good with individual self-interests.
  • Global Challenges Collaboration: This is a Facebook public group working to find new ways to tackle and solve the complex global problems of today through innovative use of technology and group interactions bring people from all over the world together
  • The Ecology of Systems Thinking: This is a Facebook public group that is a discussion forum for systems thinking and ecology.
  • Virtual Augmented intelligence Server Cloud, Organic Platform Evolving(Vaiscope): Building online collaboration micro hubs around the world and creating synergy through P2P networks.
  • REconomy practitioners: This is a virtual community of practice (CoP) of and for regenerative entrepreneurs. We do our work locally and we co-create and self-organise as REconomy practitioners to benefit from peer-to-peer support, social learning and coordinated action at translocal, transnational and global scale.
  • Ecological ConsciousnessThis is a Facebook page about ecology and consciousness: “When we speak of Nature it is wrong to forget that we are ourselves a part of Nature.” ~Henri Matisse
  • The Wisdom Factory: This is aFacebook page that wants to connect and collaborate with all of us who wish to express our passions both for ourselves and for our world.
  • The Gentle Revolution: For a world we love to dance in — inspiring messages and ideas to save our world and each other.


World Summit shares solutions, connects people, and links together with individuals and groups that are in alignment with the World Summit’s values and principles. You can find out more by visiting World Summit is not interested in raising awareness of the problems, but rather is solution focused and asks any member of this group to align with us in that focus, thus inviting all to focus on the causes of world disharmony. World Summit asks all who join us here to bring their groups and friends of like mind to this circle discuss and share all points of view around global systemic change, realizing debate and disagreements will occur and need to be discussed respectfully. World Summit asks all members to honor this, for how can we create global harmony and peace if we cannot practice it among ourselves? In fact, collectively as a group, World Summit requires the honoring of mutual respect. World Summit does not attempt to provide answers, but rather gather the right people to ask and answer the right questions. World Summit has reached a critical mass of people who want a complete shift in paradigm and is excited to see just what will be possible when we link together.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller

World Summit is not done fighting, but rather it is time for those of us who envision a different reality to come together and start co-creating it. The World Summit group does not have the answers, we are merely facilitators looking forward to finding and creating the solutions with you— one Mother, one tribe. Here we connect all in that tribe so that a peaceful, sustainable world can be birthed. 

SpotlightIntegral World Summit Slide Show describes key steps in achieving alignment and unification of change makers from all over the globe with the aim of uniting us all, both virtually and physically, beyond our individual agendas to address the current social, political, economic and environmental systems that divide us all. Also, see World Summit introduction video that takes you through the IN and OUTS of the World Summit movement (16 min). The World Summit goal focuses mainly on two things a) to find together out how to Unify best b) we are stepping into the new paradigm and we will come to an agreement together which is the best new model. The main goal of the World Summit is to organize an Event and facilitate this process. To explain how the World Summit is organized and how we are proceeding to reach our goals we created this video. Please watch it and if you have questions please ask them to the team.   

Growing Systems of Success (GSS) – This website shares and discusses The PhD Project and how this method can cultivate resilient workplaces and collaborative work. Written by Dr. Dasaratha Rama it is an ongoing endeavor to grow thriving and resilient working communities. 

SpotlightGSS Daily is an online Facebook group that is helping its members TAP into their Potential by T: Think with GSS group members from different countries in the world; A: Act by doing nano-projects (small, well-defined projects with clear success criteria); and P: Play it Forward to seek feedback, and to encourage, inspire, and inform others.

The Resilience Academy – Implementing the Growing Systems of Success PhD Framework to Boost Resilience; En-COURAGE-ing, Connection and Kindness; Working with Children, Parents, Schools & Business

Spotlight: Workshop to Help You Raise Resilient Kids –  Our children need to understand from as young an age as possible that when the branch breaks, they will trust their wings.