Cracked open by grief, the bloggers on this site tell tales that have emerged due to loss and tragedy. Through art and stories, we try to make sense out of some of the things that have happened to us and our world as well as seek connection and resonance with others. We know every person’s story matters. By seeing, hearing, and being present for each other, we can contribute our individual stories, which are continually woven into our collective story, to make it stronger, better, wiser, and more sustainable than ever before.


On this site, we use the WordPress SVG Animation Plugin, which is really cool for making a webpage banner or animate scroll effects. You can even create a Facebook cover photo, make an album cover, or make music videos for TikTok or YouTube shorts. The shapes evolve in real time, check out a demo with unicorn svg and dinosaur svg or if that is kid stuff, try the snowflake svg and star svg.

Favorite Animations of Past Stories

Dear People of Ukraine
Mother of Grief
The End of the World
Satan’s Sister
The Money Monster
End of Democracy
Caterwauling Cat
The Abyss

Thank You for Visiting

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