Indra’s Net

I have been drawing interconnected wavy lines ever since I began to write my story Sapience, which I began writing in 2012. At times, I felt like a character from Close Encounters of the Third Kind when people started randomly drawing Devil’s Tower though never having been there or knowing about it. At first, I thought it might be a Resilience Net, but then I read about Indra’s Net.

Indra’s Net is a foundational concept of Vedic cosmology, which symbolizes the universe as a web of connections and inter-dependencies among all its members. Every member within this web is both a manifestation of the whole and inseparable from the whole.

From Wikipedia: Indra's net (also called Indra's jewels or Indra's pearlsSanskrit Indrajāla) is a metaphor used to illustrate the concepts of Śūnyatā (emptiness),[2]pratītyasamutpāda (dependent origination),[3] and interpenetration[4] or "coalescence" in Buddhist philosophy.
3D Model of Indra’s Net — This imaging of Indra’s Net was created using Blender 3D ( because I was curious about what it would look like. Having done it, I added some colored lights so that it looked better, and thought it might work to illuminate the stub currently on wikipedia.

I have come to understand from the angle with which I am writing my story that we grow the jewels of Indra’s Net by coming together in reciprocal collaborative mutually respectful relationships and work. It sounds so easy, but let me assure you, it is not. Especially when circumstances become difficult and onerous, which transformational change requires, and one could also add such change it formidable and arduous. Thus, when the tide turns in this direction, it is easy to find oneself standing all alone. That is where I find myself mostly these days. Thus, my part of Indra’s Net is sadly broken and missing critical partners. Ergo, I am listing a few people and places that are inspiring and sustaining me.

Each of us weaves a part of Indra’s Net, what does your part look like?

Two blogs I wrote that feel like mirrors to each other and extremely important to my inner Indra’s Net include:

Posted December 18, 2018 as I descended into HELL

And Now…

Posted June 3, 2023 as the veil of Doubt and Darkness I pulled over my own head begin to fall away.

A few of the places I found solace and comfort as I fumbled through my doubt.

Musicians and Artists Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise: 

Last DJ’s Earth Alive playlist
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Talking Climate Change in Daily Life, Michel Montecrossa — More songs and videos:

There are many more Last DJ playlists, but this is a good start. And, you will meet him soon as I finish editing Book 1 of The Sapience Series.

Websites Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise: is a movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all. It was co-founded by Bill McKibben who is an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming. He is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and leader of the climate campaign group

Website of website

People Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise:

Repairs of the Breach Playlist — These are the people who are inspiring me forward.
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Remember YOU are a scared vessel. Don’t let ANYONE make you doubt yourself!