Indra’s Net

In my story Sapience, interconnected wavy lines are an integral part of the story. I drew them everywhere in my notes for the story (sort of like the part in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the people who saw the UFOs start drawing or making models of Devil’s Tower with no idea what they are making). For a while, I thought what I was drawing might be a Resilience Net, which part of it is, but a friend pointed me to reading where I read about Indra’s Net, and this is what I have been drawing. It is in my main story and it is in a spin off story called The Divine Dodo where the net is being constructed to save the Dodo. It’s all fictional of course, but perhaps this is my part of the net–the part that needs repairing. So listed here are musicians, artists, bloggers, and creative people around the world I have been fortunate enough to come to know who are helping repair Indra’s Net, and they have or are helping me repair my part of it. I think all of us have parts of the net that we are repairing with hundreds of other connections and contacts that extend infinitely in every direction, just like Indra’s Net.

From Wikipedia: Indra’s net (also called Indra’s jewels or Indra’s pearlsSanskrit Indrajāla) is a metaphor used to illustrate the concepts of Śūnyatā (emptiness),[2]pratītyasamutpāda (dependent origination),[3] and interpenetration[4] or “coalescence” in Buddhist philosophy.

3D Model of Indra’s Net — This imaging of Indra’s Net was created using Blender 3D ( because I was curious about what it would look like. Having done it, I added some colored lights so that it looked better, and thought it might work to illuminate the stub currently on wikipedia.

Musicians and Artists Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise: 

Listen and enjoy songs by Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few here

Highlight: ‘AUS DEN FLAMMEN VON NOTRE-DAME – FROM THE FLAMES OF NOTRE-DAME’: “From loss emerges the Great through the Strength of Trust in the Future of Love, the Good and the Beautiful.” –

In Talking Climate Change in Daily Life, Michel Montecrossa writes about the time of the Atlanta snow storm debacle as the deep cold signaled climate change had finally reached our daily life. The debacle of climate change will more and more hit mega cities worldwide in many ways from heat waves to deep freeze, droughts and super storms and more. The grim reality of climate change is not only ecological, but very soon it will become an economic crisis, a humanitarian crisis, a social crisis, and a spiritual crisis.
The answer to all this is not the blame game but application of high ethics showin’ the conscious way. This has the power to save. It’s the way of Love and Sweetness that’s what I say.

Song Lyrics:

Talking Climate Change In Daily Life

Now we feel it in daily life:
The climate change is a-comin’.
Heat waves make us sweat
and deep freeze makes us shiver.

The little boy is lost in the desert wind.
His mother died of hunger.
Poverty migrants are everywhere.
Where is mercy found on earth?

Now we feel it in daily life:
The climate change is a-comin’.
Gangsta bankas give us the chills
and politos make us shudder.

Billions are there who want to live
with their children, friends and lovers.
Trapped in wars they lose the peace
while Wall Street feels at ease.

Now we feel it in daily life:
The climate change is a-comin’.
Heat waves of protesters are rising
ending deep freeze of freedom-feeling.

High ethics must a-drive out
same-sex-hate cold and loud.
Love and Sweetness now must rule:
It’s their romance that is cool.

The Romance of Love and Sweetness indeed
is the climate change we daily need,
showin’ the conscious way
that alone has the power to save

More songs and videos:

The Last DJ of Earth (he is a character in the book Sapience, coming soon) who is trying to transform human consciousness through music. This is his Intuitive Playlist:

Blog Places Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise:

Mach was!?  —  Liberty does not mean to follow one’s desires but, on the contrary, to be free of them. (The Mother)

Spotlight: Solving climate change too early could be the worst mistake ever– Excerpt: “…climate change is just a symptom of an immeasurably larger issue: the consumption of the world by global industrial civilization. What if we managed to stop the heating of the planet, or the greenhouse gas story was a hoax altogether, fabricated by powerful interests to sell “green” technology, surveillance state, and space exploration? Will we be saved? Will we be happy? Or could there be something worse than hothouse Earth?”

The Gentle Revolution — This is a blog space dedicated towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet. Here, you will find a series of beautifully written pieces exploring ideas for how to achieve a sustainable future as well as current trends and forces preventing more rapid progress in the face of escalating signs of ecological crisis and warning signs of dangerously fracturing social systems that could slide into global conflict unless we pay attention. The call is to take action gently, from a place of heart and love.

Spotlight: Ecodians — This is a game concept that helps create a way to imagine and play a finite game about our infinite reality. In this game, nature is not a commodity, but an ecological living system, just like in the real world. It’s up to the player to keep it healthy. Protect the forests and wildlife against ravaging tribes. Side with weaker tribes to protect them from destructive aggression. Play very different levels of challenges (fighting, diplomacy, sabotage, building and more) to protect your civilization from itself. And discover that simple solutions (“kill all of them”) may have devastating consequences.

The RIVER’S PATH This blog space is dedicated to wisdom and inner discovery. The author says:My hope is to reach people who are different than me. People with different political beliefs. People with different gender identities. People from different cultures and religions. People from different socioeconomic classes. The more diversity I can have in the people I serve, the more common understanding and love I can create in the communities where my clients return to. The more I can heal our relationship to this amazing planet where we get to live.”

SpotlightRites: Ancient ways of marking change – Highlight: “Throughout history there has been a way to proceed. Each person, each community, has followed a path that has lead the way towards the present. You are on that path. Yet the way may seem unclear, uncertain, and untraveled, actually it is the only way. Yet, this path is totally unique to you.”

More blog spaces will be added as resilient contacts are made…

Web Places Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise:

Human Voices – All people are involved in creating the visions for our World. Visions to build a stable and functioning world. Visions that can steer the world in the direction we choose.

Spotlight: Human Voices Community– Join a group and contribute to the creation—discussion, collaborate, create visions together.

NEWA – Believes deep fundamental change of the global social structure has already started. It stays almost unseen within the old system because it operates in a different dimension. An appropriate vocabulary, description of movement, and a kind of guiding philosophy should be worked out. Defining, putting together distributed elements of this new system or creating them can help humanity to reduce entropy in the process of formation of the new Global One. We believe the poetic and aesthetic magic of improvisation, collaboration, creation and synergy of minds acting as one organism can be analyzed, systematized, synthesized, and taught. We believe that there are certain groups of people, such as artists, scientists, creative entrepreneurs, spiritual practitioners and kids that possess qualities described above. NEWA’s intention is to create the context for those groups to perform the features, open access for interested public to be part of the experiment and to conduct research using scientific methods as descriptive studies, naturalistic observation, self-report, psychophysics, electroencephalography, computational modelling, and more.

LikedIn Mind – This is a Knowledge Network for knowledge resides in the people in the networks. We Connect People by Connecting Their Knowledge.

SpotlightGlobal Sustainability Action Plan: Global Sustainability is understood here from the systems ecology point of view. All factors defining existence of our Civilization must be addressed here: Ecological, Economical, Political, etc.   This is an Action Plan.

Blue Oyster Online Collaboration – People are more and more concerned that the world as we know it has changed radically, and that existing weighty paradigms are responding too slowly. How Can We Fix This? Collaborative Working is on the rise, meaning the growth of working networks. It is not a given skill, but one that needs to be learned and earned. Our working groups believe this can be done in evolutionary and visible ways.

Spotlight: Our Goal: Across these sectors, our primary goal is to reverse systemic decay, demise and abuse, and start providing regenerative or generative solutions that serve us better in the 21st century.  

Group Start Up – This is a website dedicated to highlighting issues around climate change and providing the collaborative links, resources, framework, and support to create P2P collaborative networks that can move fast and get innovative and creative solutions into the mainstream.

Spotlight: This is a smart selection we found impressive. Some are new, some expensive but doable. The world wide web is a huge source of information on solutions from recycling to clean energy. We do not reproduce this here; however, listed are five solutions not in any special order, but worthy of consideration.

More web spaces will be added as resilient contacts are made…

People Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise:

Heiner Benking has long focused on the integration of truth — on creating “a common framework for understanding” in which disparate representations and perspectives and models can be brought together to deepen our understanding and allow us to more effectively share it with others. Visit his personal web site,, and the open-forum site — From The Wisdom Page

Spotlight: Wisdom Circles: How to organise / structure and  find / share  what we know about us, the world, and the in-between! And to dig deeper, go to: BenkingNews or see Media blog: and

Hannelie Sensemaker WorldPainter Venucia has been on a journey to  explore and embody Whole Person (Embodied Wholeness) Living, Relating, Creativity and Innovation. An Awareness, Creative, Sensory, and Embodiment Catalyst, Sensemaker, WorldPainter, and JOY Generator, Hannelie, is sharing her life’s work through the JOY Generation – an embodied wisdom and adventure portal — transforming the world through JOY. The JOY Generation Portal is the playground of our younger generations where they can part-take in self-discovery adventures, have access to wisdom, inspiration and guidance, and where they can engage with peers from across the globe. The portal is the gateway to 3 interactive webnests; namely the JOY Planet, JOY Rides and JOY Festival. The JOY Generators believe that good things come in 3’s. Without a JOY Planet, we cannot thrive, and thus, this is the home of JOY Casts where Hannelie, who is a seasoned author, public speaker, facilitator and radio host, engages with other JOY Casters across the globe in her series: Your World or Mine? where wisdom, insights, and other possibilities are explored and shared. Together, synchronistically, the JOY Casters co-create a new world picture and new narrative for humanity. And, our younger generations benefit from wisdom, support, encouragement, and  
guidance. They are able to connect to the participating JOY Casters for further exploration. The second aspect of the JOY Planet is the Joy Panorama Interactive Multimedia Multi-Sensory experiences, which gives us to opportunity to explore phenomena and concepts that impact the ability of humanity to thrive. As humanity fails to find solutions to so many dilemmas, in JOYSense, Hannelie and the JOY Generation team share a variety of Collective Sensemaking downloadable, online, and physical experiences.

Spotlight: Several places where you can find and learn more about  
Hannelie’s work include:

Joy Generation Web Portal:  This is the portal to the Joy Generation — Transforming the World through Joy webspace.

JOY Planet Website: From what is Joy Sense: “Humanity has shown a continuous thirst to try to make sense of how the universe works, to discover new phenomena, to understand human behavior, to improve well-being, and to invent new things that make life seemingly more comfortable and enjoyable.”

 Hannelie Venucia Website: Here you are invited to let adventure, joy, and love dance and play through you along with guiding others so they can find there own way.

Neil Davidson has been working for systems change and deeper understanding that empower individuals and groups to take collective action to save ecological systems under threat from current human activity. He has focused on how to achieve collective transformative change in groups and systems.

Spotlight: Several places where you can find and learn more about Neil’s work include: Videos: Framing Transformative Change 1: The Complexity of Agreement and Certainty 1: Enabling transformative change in emerging systems context requires alignment of heads, hearts and hands, which in turn requires different levels of relative Agreement and Certainty according to the comfort-levels of those involved. As I say in the video, my preference is to ‘play’ these sorts of slides as ‘cards’ according to emerging system circumstances (e.g. responding to audience responses); however, here, there is a need to present them sequentially in a linear fashion. 

Writing/BlogLiving Fossil

Hans Jørgen Rasmussen says about himself: “First and foremost, I am a human being attempting to do whatever I can to help stop Climate Change. I am a retired psychologist, a teacher, counselor, and a communicator. Through more than 30 years, I have been working with both management training, recruiting managers, organizational development, education, and psychotherapy (both individually and groups). Now, retired, I thought retired life would be a good, easy-going life of enjoyment. But within a short while, I came across several books that made me aware of the strongest challenge we as a civilization and a species have ever been faced: Climate Change.  Since then, retired life has been the life of a Climate Activist.

Spotlight: Several places where you can find and learn more about Hans’ work include:

Climate Cinema: This site is dedicated to highlighting the individuals and films that are shedding light on the many facets and forces contributing to the climate crisis.

Saving Our Planet: This website is dedicated to providing information, training, and videos about climate change that can inspire our work together (for it requires every person) to save the planet.

More people will be added as resilient contacts are made…