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Heiner Benking has long focused on the integration of truth — on creating “a common framework for understanding” in which disparate representations and perspectives and models can be brought together to deepen our understanding and allow us to more effectively share it with others. Visit his personal web site,, and the open-forum site — From The Wisdom Page

Spotlight: Wisdom Circles: How to organise / structure and  find / share  what we know about us, the world, and the in-between!

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Blog Spaces Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise:

Mach was!?  —  Liberty does not mean to follow one’s desires but, on the contrary, to be free of them. (The Mother)

Spotlight: Solving climate change too early could be the worst mistake ever– Excerpt: “…climate change is just a symptom of an immeasurably larger issue: the consumption of the world by global industrial civilization. What if we managed to stop the heating of the planet, or the greenhouse gas story was a hoax altogether, fabricated by powerful interests to sell “green” technology, surveillance state, and space exploration? Will we be saved? Will we be happy? Or could there be something worse than hothouse Earth?”

The Gentle Revolution — This is a blog space dedicated towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet. Here, you will find a series of beautifully written pieces exploring ideas for how to achieve a sustainable future as well as current trends and forces preventing more rapid progress in the face of escalating signs of ecological crisis and warning signs of dangerously fracturing social systems that could slide into global conflict unless we pay attention. The call is to take action gently, from a place of heart and love.

Spotlight: Ecodians (Game Concept)— help create a finite game about our infinite reality. In this game, nature is not a commodity, but an ecological living system, just like in the real world. It’s up to the player to keep it healthy. Protect the forests and wildlife against ravaging tribes. Side with weaker tribes to protect them from destructive aggression. Play very different levels of challenges (fighting, diplomacy, sabotage, building and more) to protect your civilization from itself. And discover that simple solutions (“kill all of them”) may have devastating consequences.

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Web Spaces Holding Space for Sacred Wisdom to Rise:

Human Voices – All people are involved in creating the visions for our World. Visions to build a stable and functioning world. Visions that can steer the world in the direction we choose.

Spotlight: Human Voices Community– Join a group and contribute to the creation—discussion, collaborate, create visions together.

LikedIn Mind – This is a Knowledge Network for knowledge resides in the people in the networks. We Connect People by Connecting Their Knowledge.

SpotlightGlobal Sustainability Action Plan: Global Sustainability is understood here from the systems ecology point of view. All factors defining existence of our Civilization must be addressed here: Ecological, Economical, Political, etc.   This is an Action Plan.

Blue Oyster Online Collaboration – People are more and more concerned that the world as we know it has changed radically, and that existing weighty paradigms are responding too slowly. How Can We Fix This? Collaborative Working is on the rise, meaning the growth of working networks. It is not a given skill, but one that needs to be learned and earned. Our working groups believe this can be done in evolutionary and visible ways.

Spotlight: Our Goal: Across these sectors, our primary goal is to reverse systemic decay, demise and abuse, and start providing regenerative or generative solutions that serve us better in the 21st century.  

World Summit – This is a public group for partners of the World Summit to share solutions, connect with each other and link to individuals and groups that are in alignment with the World Summit’s values and principles. You can find out more about our values by visiting the website at We are not interested in raising awareness of the problems…we are solution focused and would ask any member of this group to align with us in that focus. We are inviting all to focus on the causes of world disharmony. We ask all who join us here to bring their groups and friends of like mind into this circle. We discuss and share all points of view around global systemic change and realize debate and disagreements will occur and need to be discussed respectfully. We ask all members to honor this, for how can we create global harmony and peace if we cannot practice it among ourselves? In fact, collectively as a group, we require the honoring of mutual respect. The World Summit is gathering changemakers from all over the globe with the aim of uniting us all, both virtually and physically, beyond our individual agendas to address the current social, political, economic and environmental systems that divide us all. The World Summit is not attempting to provide answers. We want to gather the right people to ask and answer the right questions. We have reached critical mass of people who want a complete shift in paradigm, and we are excited to see just what will be possible when we link all of us together. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller We at the World Summit are done with fighting, it is time for those of us who envision a different reality to come together and start co-creating it. The World Summit group do not have the answers, we are merely facilitators looking forward to finding and creating the solutions with you. One Mother, one tribe. Here we connect all in that tribe so that a peaceful, sustainable world can be birthed. 

SpotlightIntegral World Summit Slide Show describes key steps in achieving alignment and unification of change makers from all over the globe with the aim of uniting us all, both virtually and physically, beyond our individual agendas to address the current social, political, economic and environmental systems that divide us all.

Also, see the World Summit introduction video that takes you through the IN and OUTS of the World Summit movement (16 min). The World Summit goal focuses mainly on two things a) to find together out how to Unify best b) we are stepping into the new paradigm and we will come to an agreement together which is the best new model. The main goal of the World Summit is to organize an Event and facilitate this process. To explain how the World Summit is organized and how we are proceeding to reach our goals we created this video. Please watch it and if you have questions please ask them to the team.   

Growing Systems of Success (GSS) – This website shares and discussesThe PhD Projectand how this method can cultivate resilient workplaces and collaborative work. Written by Dr. Dasaratha Rama it is an ongoing endeavor to grow thriving and resilient working communities. 

SpotlightGSS Daily is an online Facebook group that is helping its members TAP into their Potential by T: Think with GSS group members from different countries in the world; A: Act by doing nano-projects (small, well-defined projects with clear success criteria); and P: Play it Forward to seek feedback, and to encourage, inspire, and inform others.

The Resilience Academy – Implementing the Growing Systems of Success PhD Framework to Boost Resilience; En-COURAGE-ing, Connection and Kindness; Working with Children, Parents, Schools & Business

Spotlight: Workshop to Help You Raise Resilient Kids –  Our children need to understand from as young an age as possible that when the branch breaks, they will trust their wings. 

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